Sears Screws Customers!

Go to Sears, spend thousands of dollars then bend over and lube up! 

We'll be adding additional stories of other customers who've been shafted by the Sears monster. While we will do our best to verify each story, we assume no liability for them. IF Sears can show proof of resolution, (which has NEVER happened since this site went up),we will remove the relevant information, but until that happens we plan to collect as much as we possibly can. Send stories to: Stories are posted as received with no corrections or alterations other than editing the content for space or privacy.

We've recently been contacted by one of Sears' Legal people, Ms. Rachel Cheek, regarding one of our stories, she says she will research our complaint and see if she can achieve a resolution. We'll see.

It's now been SEVERAL months since that contact, May 2, 2007 to be exact, guess we're still going to be waiting with no resolution in sight, not really surprised.

Now we're having to add a Heating & Cooling section! Take a look at this latest report.

Check out the new garage door story in the Misc. Reports Section! Looks like Sears even stoops to the hidden charges method when they feel like it. Not that we're surprised.

Sears pissed off this customer so bad over a BBQ that he did a COMIC of the episode! His story is here and the Comic is at this link!

New story in the Audio/Visual section, Sears doesn't even have any mercy when it comes to disabled children. Read what the mother of a Down's Syndrome child had to go thru to get her son's TV replaced.

National Sears Customer Service Complaint line  1-800-549-4505




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For the last couple of months, we've noticed an increased amount of visits by none other than surfers! In fact, they've been our biggest visitor! Thanks guys for driving the visits up! Seems they've gone to stealth mode, trying to disguise their visits now. Try harder guys! ;> Big wave to all the Sears legal people too!

This site is here to hold Sears to the fire and make them take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof and to warn people of what happened to us. All facts are true, no names have been changed to protect the guilty. No cybersquatting, cyberpiracy, or copyright infringement is intended.

Hey Sears! Wanna shut me up? Make me an offer for this domain!