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Washer Problems

Marlo Vought loves her cozy house but a freak accident recently turned her tidy home upside down.

It happened when the family put a load of laundry in, then went to bed. But when the water started, a hose had come loose and the water poured onto the floor. The washer tub never filled, so the automatic valve never shut off.

"The water ran all night long," Marlo said.

When Marlo came downstairs the next morning, she said was shocked. Her newly remodeled basement was like a swimming pool, water everywhere.

"It just ran constantly for 12 hours," Marlo said.

Ironically, a Sears serviceman had just repaired the machine the day before, so she called Sears and they sent another man out.

"He said no one connected the hose," she said. "The first guy who came out must have not connected the hose."

It appears the first repairman made some kind of mistake and the hose wasn't connected -- and the damage was major.

"Down here the carpet separated," she said. "The seam is not glued down anymore. You can see water damage here and on the wood you can see the water."

Marlo called Sears to see what they would do about it.

"I probably called a good six to eight times and I got one call back," she said.

When she did talk to them, one woman said her technician didn't make a mistake and that someone else caused the problem.

"She told me she had talked to the technician and that the technician said everything was hooked up properly and my husband and I must have come downstairs after I left unhooked the hose ourselves," she said. "And that's not what happened."

That's when she called Call for Action, who got in touch with Sears executives. The executives ended up giving Marlo a check for $5,000 for repairs to her flooded basement.

Missing Lawn Tractor
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An elderly woman who had been waiting six years to get her lawn tractor called Call for Action for help.

Helen McCall has a big yard. At her age, she can't push a lawn mower around for half the day. Helen McCall is a tough lady, but she's got her limits.

"I'm 79 years old," she says. "I don't need any headaches."

She bought a tractor to mow her yard. Someone then stole the tractor out of her garage and so her insurance company sent her a check to buy a new one.

"I didn't want to put it back in the garage for fear someone else would, you know, steal it again," Helen says.

She told Sears hold on to her my tractor until she put locks on her garage. It took a year for the locks to be installed.

"I went back to Sears, and they said, 'Oh, well, we delivered it,'" Helen says. "'No, you didn't deliver it.'"

Then Sears wanted the receipt.

"I didn't know where it was," Helen says. "It took me forever to find the receipt."

Over the years, people at Sears would come and go and she'd have to explain it to their replacements all over again.

"I just got a letter in December, you know, they say we'll get back to you," Helen says. "Then I got another letter here in February saying the same identical thing."

She had a receipt but no tractor. That's when she called Call for Action.

It took a few weeks and a dozen calls until the right person at Sears came through with a check for $1500.


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