The Saga of the Stove

On December 18th, 1999 we went to the Sears store in the Summit Place Mall, Waterford, MI. Spent $2677.68 Purchasing a brand new drop in stove, refrigerator w/ ice maker and thru the door dispenser, and a freezer. Paid in full for everything including the installation. The appliances were delivered on January 12th with the installation date for the stove & icemaker set for the 13th. Phoenix Installations from Livonia, MI. was set to do the install. Now mind you, we specifically asked 3 times, not once, but 3 times, if they needed to come out and measure. "Oh no, all we need is the brand and model number of the stove we're replacing." quipped Dana, the Sears sales person. When the installer came on the 13th, he discovered that the stove was too small to fit where the previous one was. After arguing with Dana, it was determined that Sears would pick up the cost of an adapter and another visit by the installer. Our ice maker got hooked up and the stove sat in the middle of the kitchen floor. We were told by Phoenix Installations that it would take 3 to 4 days, 5 at the most. Well, their concept of time must be warped or something. 15 days later, Phoenix Installations did what they call an 'install'

Karen, the appliance dept. manager did offer to pay for a 'hot plate' if we wished to purchase one. Mr. Ron Beatty, the general manager of the Sears store, apparently was being held hostage by Phoenix Installations. They had the part and weren't going to do the installation until they were damned good and ready. Thank you very much Mr. Gary Elul, owner of Phoenix Installations. So sorry we tried to disrupt your schedule and inconvienced you by having to come back out. 

So if you too would like to get screwed by Sears and their contractors, just ask for Dana in the appliance dept, "one of the best we have" according to Karen. Or the store's own impotent General Manager, Mr. Ron Beatty, he'll take messages, call when he's got nothing but bad news, and yes, even then won't have a resolution for you. Or better yet, won't even call, and if he remembers, maybe pass the message along to one of his totally incompetent underlings who'll have meaningless apologies but no resolutions. And all this at top dollar pricing!  

Update: Phoenix Installations finally showed up at 10:30 am on 2-1-00. After getting stuck and making a nice deep rut in our drive, they managed to track snow and debris all over the floors. Let's see how long it takes them to get the actual installation done. 

Update 2: The installer has left. The stove is sort of in the cabinet. There's a good inch of it sticking out with a half inch gap on either side. Of course, if I'd have allowed the installer to take his hacksaw to the stove, he'd have made it fit. I think the surgery he did on the back of the cabinet casing and the pry bar marks in the drywall was quite enough. As far as they're concerned, the job is finished. Now we're going to have to get a cabinet maker to fix it properly. Thank you very much Phoenix Installations. 

Update 3: Paul Ciaramitaro from the District office called back in response to my voice mail message for the District Manager, Joe McCurry, who's on vacation. They may pay for a cabinet maker to correct the situation. I've got an estimate being done either this afternoon or tomorrow. They have promised to refund the $139 we paid for the installation.

Update 3: 3:43pm 2/1/00 Karen Kearns from the Waterford store calls, they're putting a new installer on the case! Can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Update 4: Metro Installations from Dearborn Heights came today 2/2/00. Seems that we got a drop in unit instead of the slide in/drop in we were supposed to get. They couldn't believe the job Phoenix had done and said that with the proper stove, there would be no problem with the fit. I am still concerned over the damage to the laminate. Installer says it should all be hidden by the proper unit. We'll see what we see. My carpenter has given me an estimate of $1343. to replace the damaged laminate countertop and properly fit the existing unit.

Update 5: 2/2/00 5:35 pm. Got a call from Paul Ciaramitaro at the District office. Informed him of what my carpenter quoted and what Metro Installations quoted. He said he's going to have to turn it over to the store again. Two steps forward, one step back. 8:06 pm. Dana from the Sears store called, asking for the exact dimensions of the previous stove. This of course is EXACTLY what we tried to give her in the first  place. Told her we did NOT wish to deal with her since she's an idiot and to have her manager call us. 8:16 pm, Karen Kearns calls. Tells us that Metro will be picking up the replacement stove at their warehouse on Friday morning and contacting us to do the install. 

2/3/00 10:03 am, Karen Kearns calls to say she's talked with Metro, everything should be fine and they feel they can do an excellent job and make it all pretty again. 

2/4/00 9:37 am, Metro Installations calls and leaves a message that the store gave them our OLD phone number, they went to get the stove and didn't have the correct paperwork. They'll get back to us when the Sears store gets their act together. Somehow we get the feeling we're back at square one. 

Update 6: Saturday 2/5/00 Metro Installations shows up at the house 1:30 pm. Apparently our trusty Sears Store scheduled an appointment for them to do the re-installation and didn't bother to let us know. Several angry messages were left on our answering machine by the installer, Gary. We contacted Metro to find out what was going on and were told they'd try to work out an appointment for Monday or Tuesday. On Monday 2/7/00, having not heard from Metro by 2:00 pm, we contacted them again. They told us that we'd be scheduled for Tuesday, the installer would call us Tuesday morning with the time. Meanwhile, Sears appliance delivery shows up to take the previously installed stove. Told them no way, but they could have the old stove that nobody bothered to collect, so off they went with that. One problem solved after over a month. Later Monday evening the installer, Gary, called and said he'd be out on Tuesday. 9:15 am Tuesday 2/8/00, he calls and says he'll be here between 3 & 5 pm. Not happening, we'd already had plans. Gary says he doesn't need the hassle this job is becoming and that it's turning into a real nightmare for him. So sorry to screw up Metro's scheduling. 

Update 7: The Final Chapter (we hope) Gary from Metro showed up at approx. 12:30 pm. Removed previously installed stove and installed the correct model. Only hitch is that it doesn't cover the damaged area of the counter top, but in comparison, it's a minor point.  We are still waiting for the refund of the installation fee they promised us. 

Update 8: The New Millennium As of January 23rd, 2001, Sears has yet to refund the installation fee or provide the extended warranty promised. We'll continue to maintain this site until they come up with a proper resolution.

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