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I have a Sears complaint for posting...


I hope you decide to post the below complaint.  Thanks in advance.


“I purchased a Bladez SX Pro. I paid for it in full and it was scheduled for delivery on December 28. The delivery men broke the console off. Additionally, the bike was poorly assembled. The pickup was botched up several times and now I'm going through red tape just to get my money back. Jonathan, the manager at the Sears Friendly shopping center, made every effort to assist me. But, due to Sears sluggish and inadequate procedures, his hands were tied. I promptly paid for my product, and now I'm paying the price for mistakes that Sears made.

Sears said they were sorry and offered me a $100 gift certificate toward another bike.  I responded that I had already purchased another bike elsewhere and asked would it be possible to use the gift certificate towards something else. They said no and that I would get my refund within 7-10 business days. 

You can bet that I will NOT do business with Sears again. While Sears has no priority in providing excellent customer service, I will do my best to make it my priority to tell my family, friends, co-workers and associates, and strangers about my experience with Sears.”


From: Bob & Connie Davis []
> Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 2:58 PM
> To:
> Subject: SEARS.COM mistake
> On August 24, 2005, I ordered a 15-inch wood planer/molder from
> During the order, I was assured that my item would be sent to me within 3  to
> 5 days. This is confirmed by my order information and that it would be
> sent via UPS. I had scheduled some people to be at my residence during this 3
> to 5 day period to help set the machine up properly and to help with some
> projects that I needed to be done.
> I waited until those days had come and gone. I called and spoke
> with a fairly nice young man who assured me that the planer was at the
> airport and that I would be called the next day to have it delivered.
> After that Friday when I was supposed to be contacted, I fired off a nasty email
> to Customer Service of
> They all have this "canned" response of "I understand" "I appreciate what
> you are going through", well these are scripted responses to calm the
> customer. Ah, it will not work with me and you should not allow these
> minimum waged hacks to pursue this verbiage. Stick to your thought and remember  you are right and they are not.>
> Continuing on I refused to speak with the call taker and firmly told her
> that it would be of his interest to place me in contact with a supervisor.
> I saw on another complaint that Missy also tried to handle a complaint. She
> tried to handle mine and she ended up placing me with Jovey. Well Jovey
> was told, by me not to use these canned responses that he really did not know
> what I was going through nor how I understood. Jovey lost it he engaged me
> in a verbal tug of war about I did not know what he was thinking and that
> I should not .., well it continued to go down hill. So far, the response
> that I was getting from was very poor customer relations and frankly
> a bunch of spoiled little kids. I am the one that spent the money not them.
> Jovey placed me in touch with their freight carrier Demar Trucking. I
> spoke to Jimmy and Jovey together to try to find out what was up with my planer.
> Jimmy told me that it was in Portland, Oregon and was being transferred to
> another carrier to be delivered to my residence and that they will contact
> me the next day. He also told me that he was sorry that it was miss-routed
> to another airport somewhere in the world. He also told me that if I did
> not hear from them that I should call "long distance, my dime" and let him
> know. I also told Jovey that I demanded that his supervisor contact me because I
> had some significant issues with my order and treatment. He told me that
> it would be the next day; I suggested that it should not wait that until
> then. I was contacted a few hours later by Ray L. alleged supervisor of Jovey
> and Missy. Here again the canned response of "I understand". I warned her not
> to insult my intelligence with this response, gee guess what, she told me she
> understood.
> Ray L. finally told me that she could give me a 10% discount off my order
> ($80.00) plus what they had done by waiving all of the shipping costs
> ($75.00). I said that in addition to that discount I wanted a formal
> written apology from her regarding my order. She assured that she would do that.
> I verified with her that I would be contacted the next day by 3:00 pm PT,
> by the trucking carrier to make arrangements for my delivery. She reassured
> me that all the information was true.
> I did receive an email from her stating that she was appreciative
> regarding my order and that she was looking into where the problem was, yeah right.  I also received another email from, Kathy S. telling me that a 10%
> discount ($69.99) was credited to my account, Thanks for shopping at  Sears.
> I guess when you shop somewhere is not your expectation to receive the items
> you purchased.
> Anyway, I waited the next day until 3:15 pm PT and no calls from the
> trucking company. As if they were really, suppose to call, as if I really
> ordered a planer. I tried to call the number that "Jimmy" gave me from
> Demar Trucking, gee no answer. I was assured by Jovey, Ray L. and by Jimmy, that this was a good number. I tried two more times and no answer.
> Well I fired off some more emails to the emails I received from Ray L. and
> Kathy S. stating that it would be in their interest to have their supervisors or managers contact me regarding my order.
> I had placed my order on August 24, 2005 for a 3 to 5 day delivery. Then
> was told it would be 12 days. Well the date is September 16, 2005 and I have
> received no response from the trucking company.
> I have purchased dead air by alas they are crediting my account.
> Sears is not reputable, they have no customer service, they have either
> lied outright to me or they are just incompetent. There appears to be no one in
> charge that really cares about the customer just these damnable canned
> responses from people that cannot think on their own and take care of a
> problem.
> I have become very angry and very bitter from this experience.
> Bob D.

From: justthetwoofus []
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 4:37 PM
Subject: Refuse to buy from sears


Today I was reminded why I do not buy from Sears: I called in to schedule an appointment to have someone to come out and  repair my craftsman radial arm saw (the only electrical craftman tool I own you will see why). After being on hold listening to music on a answering machine for 40 minutes, then I was told that was a in shop item, I ask where was a sears repair shop, I was given the address in Dothan, Ala. I was just there two weeks ago and was told they closed that shop April 1-2005, then I was told this was a in home repair item, When I made the appointment the lady preceeded to tell me their rules, which a couple of them are: we will give you an appointment for 09-19-05  from 8:00a.m til 5:00 p.m. and the repairman will call before he comes and if he reaches a answering machine he will not come and I will have to reschedule my appointment. Well I have to sit on hold on a answering machine for 40 minutes, now I have to set by a phone for 9 hours waiting for someone to call if they do. Why were they not sitting by the phone to answer it where their customers does not get a answering, Why do they not sit there 9 hours waiting for a customer to call. Feel assured that since I do not buy from sears that I have a preset amount to spend to get this radial arm saw repaired if it cost more than that, it will be trashed and I will go buy another one and be double assured it will not be from sears. If every sears store closed their doors today then there would be a lot people spared the stress and I would be one proud person. If sears closed their doors today and was giving away all their tools do not look for me to be rushing there to get even one of them. SEARS SUCKS. 

William Whitehead 

After following up with Mr. Whitehead I received this response too.

That's fine if you would like to add it to the list. I just figured I was paddling this boat alone and then I stumbled on your wed site. it appears as if the boat is getting a pretty good load. I sent e-mails to every one on my list encourging them to not shop at sears and gave them your site, that they may see for themselves.
Thank you for your site
William Whitehead
Cottondale, Florida

More to come as we get 'em!